Fertility Acupuncture

fertility-stomachChinese medicine has long been practiced and accepted as a viable form for assisting the female reproductive system. Acupuncture and the appropriate use of herbs and natural gifts can restore and ‘anti-age’ a woman’s hormonal system, thereby enhancing the quality of the follicles and the uterus. Sperm count, as well as the morphology and motility of sperm have been improved with the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine. German and Swedish studies have proven that acupuncture improves the results of in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments by at least 40%.
It is scientifically known that it takes ninety days for the development of a follicle into an egg. Therefore, it is suggested that the women or couples prepare their bodies for at least 90 days with optimal nutrition, lifestyle management and the use of acupuncture to encourage optimal results in egg quality and uterine lining. Traditional Chinese herbs also significantly improve the body’s health and reproductive cycles and may be added for a comprehensive treatment plan if one so chooses. Many well known infertility specialist doctors such as Dr. Zouves from Daly City, California advocate traditional Chinese Medicine as an integral part of the fertility success protocol.
fertility-coupleTraditional Chinese Medicine has been used for thousands of years as a means of ensuring fertility and promoting a healthy, successful pregnancy and childbirth.
Specific treatments that are safe during pregnancy are utilized for conception and throughout the labor. It is widely accepted that acupuncture greatly enhances fertility in both men and women. Frequent acupuncture aids and supports pregnancy throughout the gestation period to help insure a safe and successful childbirth. Additionally, gentle acupuncture treatment is known to prevent miscarriage, strengthen the uterus, alleviate morning sickness, pain and fatigue, and support the health and wellbeing of the fetus and mother. Acupuncture is a safe and drug free method to induce labor and to diminish the pain associated with childbirth. It is wise to find a practitioner with the appropriate experience and training in fertility and pregnancy acupuncture to create a healthy, successful, comfortable pregnancy and delivery.
Kimberly Burke L.Ac., O.M.D., has used acupuncture to improve fertility and the quality of pregnancy for over twenty-four years. She is trained by Dr. Randine Lewis of the Fertile Soul Institute. Additionally, Kimberly holds a license of Reproductive Medicine from the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM). Kimberly has studied with the late Yitian Yi, a leading expert in female reproductive medicine.
Natural Conception And Chinese Reproductive Medicine
Regulates menstrual cycles
Treats Endometriosis, fibroids and Ovarian disease or dysfunction
Improves egg quality and circulation to the reproductive organs
Determines ovulation and the best time to conceive
Secures pregnancy
Chinese Reproductive Medicine’s Role In Assisted Fertility Treatments ( IUI Or IVF):
Follicle quantity and quality improvement
Promotes healthy uterine lining
Fertility cycle stress (physical & emotional) reduction
Strengthens immune system (or regulate if auto-immune conditions appear such as elevated NK assay levels)
Increases rate of implantation success
Decreases chance of miscarriage
Semen quality and quantity improvement
To further educate on the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Fertility the Peninsula Holistic Health Center provides research articles. These articles address the benefits of acupuncture and herbology in creating successful fertility, healthy pregnancy and childbirth. Acupuncture is becoming more widely accepted and used by western medicine practitioners with the increase of success rates and published studies.
Miscarriage – It can be especially useful if there has been a history of miscarriage. With acupuncture we are able to prevent uterine contractions, alleviate spotting or bleeding, relax the body and also provide a lifting and holding force in the uterus.
Treat nausea, benefit digestion – For many women the digestive system becomes very sensitive. Acupuncture has been shown to alleviate nausea, treat heartburn, constipation and even alleviate hemorrhoids.
Improve fatigue, reduce swelling and improve circulation – By supporting the body to keep a healthy balance we can benefit energy and circulation–anything from general edema to sinus congestion. This helps to create a pleasant state of well-being so pregnancy can be enjoyed to its fullest.
Regulate blood pressure – Acupuncture can help to decrease hypertension and regulate blood flow throughout the body.
Ease pain and discomfort – Throughout all stages of pregnancy many women experience discomfort, whether it be growing pains, low back pain, sciatic pain or carpal tunnel, acupuncture usually can help.
Ease psychological issues – For many worry, anxiety and overall tension can increase with a pregnancy. Acupuncture can be deeply relaxing and reduce stress for the mother and developing baby. It also allows the flow of energy to remain open and can help prevent post-partum depression.
Treat other conditions such as slow intrauterine development, lack of amniotic fluid, hemorrhaging, etc.
Breech Presentation
Moxabustion has a high success rate to correct breech presentation. The technique is most effective between the 29th and 34th week, up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. The optimal time for effectiveness is 32-34 weeks, starting as early as possible. Past the 36th it is more difficult as there is not as much room for the fetus to turn.
Labor Preparation
When used with the appropriate timing and frequency acupuncture can be a very effective way to prepare the body for a smooth and comfortable labor and delivery. A recent study showed women who used acupuncture regularly during their pregnancy had a decreased time of “hard” labor. It is best to start the “labor preparation acupuncture” no later than 37 weeks and have a treatment at least once a week from that point on.
The main strength of acupuncture for labor preparation is not to compete with an epidural; it is more to prolong or eliminate the need for pain medications and decrease labor time. Many women actually won’t choose an epidural due to such quick labor time. The main goals of Labor Preparation Acupuncture are:
Quick Labor – We can utilize acupuncture points to prepare the cervix to relax and open with ease. Also use points that initiate a downward opening flow of energy, as well as reduce any blockages that may have developed during the development of the pregnancy.
Ease pain – many of the points used relax the mind and body, improve circulation and most importantly strengthen the pelvic floor.
Prevent tearing / episiotomy – We also focus on improving the contractility of the perineum.
Ease Fears and Stress – It has been shown the presence of fear and/or stress can actually increase pain sensations and cause more tension in the body. Reducing the emotional build-up from pregnancy can prove to decrease pain and tension in the body. As part of your labor preparation you will also be given other recommendations of things you can be doing at home to prepare your body for an enjoyable birth experience.
Labor Induction Post Due Date – By needling the “forbidden points” during the pregnancy, the acupuncture practitioner is able to apply all of theses points to move energy towards the pelvis and stimulate a strong, moving energy flow. This surges the release of Qi and blood to the pelvis and can result in stimulating uterine contractions.
Post-Partum Disorders – After labor acupuncture is a wonderful, safe and effective way to help a woman’s body heal and re-balance. The restoration a new mother’s health is imperative for her own well being and for her ability to be present for her newborn. Among the conditions that acupuncture can address after birth are: fatigue, postpartum vaginal discharge, postpartum depression, mastitis, and insufficient or excessive lactation. If there has been caesarian section, acupuncture can help with the post operative healing as well.
Kimberly Burke will create a personalized treatment plan to fit the individual needs of her patients. All treatments are safe and compatible with any western medicine protocol and will not create any negative interactions.